June 28, 2016

EMPOWER Projects


Phase 1

We will identify employee groups that may be facing challenges and benefit from interventions. We will determine how to tailor existing evidence-based programs to address the needs of the identified groups:
  • Literature Review: We will conduct a thorough review of work and health literature, integrating the information from multiple disciplines in an info-sharing session.
  • Environmental Scan: We will conduct an environmental scan of the critical factors influencing participation, worker health, & well-being (focusing on organization partners), and create a compendium of best practices (individual, group, & organizational).
  • Archival Organizational Data Analyses: We will leverage our partners’ archival data (and client members, where appropriate; e.g., absenteeism, workers’ compensation claims, incident reports, drug coverage, EAP) to identify key issues facing employees.




Phase 2

We will tailor previously validated evidence-based interventions to address the needs of employees facing the challenges identified in Phase 1. The interventions will take a holistic approach by targeting multiple levels: the individual, group, leader, and organizational level.

  • Individual level: Awareness & Commitment Training In Organizations & Networks (ACTion), a phone-based coaching program designed to improve work-life balance in participants.
  • Group level: WORC (Worker & Organizational Respect & Civility Program), a workgroup intervention designed to improve civility, respect, and engagement at work.
  • Leader level: Leading Healthy Workplaces (LEAD), a phone-based coaching program designed to increase transformational leadership styles in management personnel.
  • Organizational level: Psychologically Healthy Workplace Initiatives, elements of workplaces that can be used to improve the wellbeing of employees.