EMPOWER Partners in the News: Dr. Yabome Gilpin-Jackson named the International African Woman of the Year

EMPOWER partner Dr. Yabome Gilpin-Jackson has been named the International African Woman of the Year from the UK-based Women4Africa organization. Women4Africa recognizes and promotes the work of African women globally who are doing work to advance progress for Africa and inspiring and influencing others. On their website (women4Africa.com), they note that the  organization is”focused on  celebrating  and empowering  Africa and its women by supporting and  celebrating their role in their communities via Conferences, supporting education and Awarding prestigious awards, recognitions and special honours on such women identified and nominated by the public.”

Dr. Gilpin-Jackson was nominated for her research, speaking and writing on continental African issues. Her research includes examining the growth and development needs of war-affected African immigrants and refugees from a lens of posttraumatic growth and transformation as well as examining emergent African leadership that is driving progress on the continent in contrast to the failed political leadership narrative often privileged. She was also honoured for her work in 2014/2015, speaking and writing passionately in Canada and America to educate about Ebola and mobilize action in support of the eradication efforts in West Africa. In 2016, she initiated the We Will Lead Africa project, a groundbreaking take on everyday leadership narratives across Africa to inspire, and broaden the leadership body of knowledge beyond her academic writing and to incorporate a practitioner perspective. Yabome was lead editor of the resulting edited book volume that was released on May 25, 2017, Africa Day. She has also recently published a book of short stories on global African Identities, to reach everyday audiences and build awareness about the diversity and social inclusion issues Africans on and off the continent grapple with. Both books are available on amazon:https://www.amazon.com/author/yabomegilpin-jackson. Yabome is also a Board member of The People’s Foundation of Sierra Leone’s (TPFSL) that supports post-secondary education for students in her native Sierra Leone. See also Yabome’s CV and list of Publications here

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