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Dr. Arla Day

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Improving the wellbeing of employees and organizations
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Focusing on the health and effective participation of these at-risk groups, we take a holistic approach to support individuals & to create healthy work groups, leaders, and work environments.

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The LEAD Initiative is a 10-week web and phone-based coaching program designed to develop effective leadership skills.

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The Achieving Balance in Life & Employee program is a phone-based coaching program that is designed to help employees balance their work and non-work demands.

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CREW is led by Dr. Michael Leiter and addresses civility, respect, and engagement in the workplace by taking a shared group-focussed responsibility for respectful behaviours.

Dr. Arla Day

Centre for Occupational Health Psychology

Welcome to the Home Page of Dr. Arla Day’s Centre for Occupational Health Psychology (COHP). Arla is a Professor of I/O Psychology at Saint Mary’s University and the Director of the CN Centre, and the COHP is her research and consulting network. She is heading several major initiatives on Workplace Health including ABLE, LEAD, and EMPOWER. She chairs the Nova Scotia Psychologically Healthy Workplace Program. She is an international advisor to the Stockholm Stress Centre.

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